How To Download Kinemaster Chroma Key (Complete Guide 2019)

Chroma key is one such feature which has been attracting the plenty of the Kinemaster users, and in this article, we are basically going to provide the chroma key APK setup of Kinemaster. This chroma key tool will help you to edit the video in the most professional manner.

Kinemaster is arguably one of the most powerful video editing application, which is available and being used by the majority of the people. This video editing application comes with the tons of video editing features, which let the users edit the video with professional video editing tools.

Kinemaster Chroma Key APK Download

If we in detailed talk about the chroma key feature of the Kinemaster then it is simply a feature, which lets the user change the background of any media such as the video or image.

The chroma key feature is one of the most advanced features of Kinemaster which lets the users edit there video or image in a whole new definition.

Kinemaster Chroma Key APK Download

Chroma key feature is popularly used in the shooting of movies where the whole shots of the movie are recorded at one particular place, and later by the help of Chroma key feature the background of the video is changed.

This feature makes the video as if that has been really recorded at the place, which has been shown in the background. Now you can also this chroma key feature of Kinemaster in the premium version of it.

If you are looking for the Kinemaster chroma key APK then you have arrived at the correct place. In this section, you can download the APK of Kinemaster chroma key, and after installing this version you will be able to use the chroma key feature to edit the video in a professional manner.

Kinemaster Chroma Key File Download

If you want to use the chroma key of the Kinemaster then you must have the video or image file, which has the green background behind it. The green background is necessary to have in order to use the chroma key feature since this feature is only compatible with the green colour.

If you are looking for the chroma key file to review this feature then you can download the chroma key file preview easily from Google or the website of the Kinemaster. This file will provide you with the reference as to how you can really use this chroma key feature.

How To Use Chroma Key

If you are still confused about the chroma key feature and its way of usage, then here we are providing you with the step by step guide to using this feature.

Follow our step by step guide.

  • First of all, you need to have the video or image file which has the green background behind it.
  • Now you just need to add that green background video or image to the Kinemaster timeline.
  • Now behind the timeline, you need to select the portion of the video on which you want to apply the chroma key feature.
  • Now after selecting the portion of the video you need to click the chroma key option at the top right side of the application.
  • After you click on the chroma key feature it will show you the background option that you want to add in the background of the Kinemaster.
  • After adding the background you can simply save the edited video.

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