How To Download Kinemaster Lite MOD APK {Free Version 2019}

Kinemaster the video editing smart-phone based video editing application probably needs no introduction now as it is already being used at a very wide scale by the majority of the users.

This video editing application has gained huge popularity among its users in a very short time due to its extraordinary video features which have the potential to edit the video in the best possible professional manner.

Kinemaster is available both for the Android-based Smart-phones and the Apple’s iPhone as well. You can install the desired version of Kinemaster on your smartphone device.

Kinemaster Lite APK Download

Kinemaster in the present scenario is having the numbers of its versions under the various names and since all these versions do vary from each other hence the users need to download the specific version which can serve the purpose of the users.

Kinemaster lite APK is basically the subversion of Kinemaster Mod which is a premium version hence it comes with the watermark removing features along with many other advanced features.

You can install the Lite APK version if you want to enjoy the professional video editing features, and since it is a premium version you will be required to buy this version of Kinemaster in order to use all its features.

You can download the APK setup of Kinemaster lite from their official website and for your concern, we are also providing you with the link of this version here. You need to download the APK setup and after downloading the setup you will need to install it in order to make it usable.

Download Kinemaster Prime Lite

Kinemaster prime lite is the other sub-variant of the Kinemaster mod which is equipped with all the major features and also the watermark removing privilege. Once you buy the prime lite version there will be no Kinemaster watermark on the edited videos and you will be able to render the professional outlook to the edited videos.

Here are the major features of this prime lite version:

  • You can have the instant preview of edited videos.
  • Multiple video layers support.
  • 3D Transition and the text, stickers or image effects compatibility to the video.
  • Animation video editing.
  • Real-time video recording and editing features.

Other than these features there are many other features that you will get in this version. We advise you to visit the official website of the Kinemaster to download the APK version of it, and then after installing the version, you would be able to use all its features.

Kinemaster Lite Mod APK V6

Kinemaster Lite mod APK V6 is the other decent version of Kinemaster mod, which is a premium version and comes with watermark removing a feature.

There are many versions in this V series such as V5, V6, V7 etc which vary from each other in the context of their features.

In the lite mod V6 variant of the Kinemaster, you will get the below-mentioned features.

  • Fade in fade out features.
  • Providing support to the multiple audio formats.
  • Many kinds of transition effects such as 3D effects, wipe effects, fade effects and many more.
  • Additional and significant chroma key feature.
  • Directly sharing the edited video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You can get this version from the website of the Kinemaster, and we are also attaching the link of their APK setup in our article.

Once you download and install these APK setups, then you will need to buy the premium plan of them in order to enjoy all the features of it.
While installing any of these versions of Kinemaster make sure that you enable the unknown sources of your smart-phone device by going to the application settings. You will not be able to install any version of it without enabling the unknown sources.

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